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Academic Blogging?

When we librarians bring up blogs, learners often ask, why should we care about blogging? Blogs can’t be cited in my dissertation, so they don’t matter, right? That may have been true a few years ago, when just about all blogs were personal or covered popular interest topics. In recent years, however, blogging has become […]

No Single Entry Point for YouTube University Channels?

Last week at Colloquium, during our new technologies session, learners were curious about how to access YouTube’s OpenCourseWare movement channel. (I was under the impression there was a YouTube channel similar to the ITunes U channel, where a person can watch and freely listen to lectures from big-name universities and researchers across the country.) Well, […]

From Newspaper to Research Paper

There are many legitimate reasons that learners don’t use newspapers when they do research: The articles have little depth or perspective on large issues. They are not scholarly or peer reviewed. Tight deadlines make it hard to stop mistakes from creeping in. Those are important considerations, but before you completely write newspapers off, remember that […]

Meet with a Librarian in Lansdowne

The librarians will be at the Lansdowne colloquium! If you want to build your library research skills while attending the colloquium, you have a few different options: Get the lowdown during a Track 1 cohort meeting Come to the library and grab some of our guides Schedule an Individual Reference Appointment Attend a Library Session […]

Questia and the Capella Library

What is Questia? Questia is a commercial digital library of books and articles that promotes itself as a replacement to traditional school and academic library collections. It is target market is primarily high school level students and undergraduates, who may prefer it over their school library collections because of its Google-like search interface and basic […]

Are you seeing all that is available?

Most of the Capella Library databases are set to search only the journal holdings of the Capella Library. However, the Library databases also index journal articles that are not available in our Library. Most of the time you want to search just the Library holdings, however one time you want to see “everything” that is […]

Why Use RefWorks?

RefWorks rolled out at the beginning of the summer, but many learners are just discovering it now. It’s a great tool to help you stay organized and painlessly create bibliographies, but it’s not perfect and it can’t do everything. So, if you’ve been on the fence about a RefWorks account, here are some important considerations […]