October 3rd, 2008

Are you seeing all that is available?

Most of the Capella Library databases are set to search only the journal holdings of the Capella Library. However, the Library databases also index journal articles that are not available in our Library. Most of the time you want to search just the Library holdings, however one time you want to see “everything” that is available on a topic is when you are conducting a search for the literature review of your dissertation. So how do you see all that is out there?

First you need to uncheck the box in the database that is labeled: Full Text.

Second after you have searched you want to click on the link that says Check Article Linker , if you do not see a .pdf file for the article. The article linker will give you the link to the article, if it is in another library database OR if it is not available you would request the item through interlibrary loan.

You get 25 interlibrary loan requests per quarter and a copy of the article will be obtained from another library and emailed to you in 3-5 business days.

So make sure you are seeing all that is out there on your dissertation topic by unchecking the Full Text box in the database and if you have questions just Ask-a-Librarian!


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