October 7th, 2008

Questia and the Capella Library

What is Questia?

Questia is a commercial digital library of books and articles that promotes itself as a replacement to traditional school and academic library collections. It is target market is primarily high school level students and undergraduates, who may prefer it over their school library collections because of its Google-like search interface and basic reference list generation tools.

How does Questia’s library compare to Capella’s?

The Capella Library purchases its collection material specifically for the schools it supports, as well as its primarily post-graduate degrees, based on scholarly and industry standards. We also provide a RefWorks account to every Capella learner, which offers advanced citation and bibliography-building tools.

Collection breakdown

Capella v. QuestiaQuestia:
“1.5 million articles”
1.1 million of those are news
185,000 of those are magazine
Approx. 215,000 scholarly articles

31.8 million articles
Plus 16.5 million company
Plus Test and Survey Instrument Reviews
Plus 600,000 dissertations
Plus many millions of news articles
Approx. 8,111,000 scholarly articles

Questia: $240/year
Capella: Free for active Capella learners

— Erika

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