October 30th, 2008

Academic Blogging?

When we librarians bring up blogs, learners often ask, why should we care about blogging? Blogs can’t be cited in my dissertation, so they don’t matter, right?

That may have been true a few years ago, when just about all blogs were personal or covered popular interest topics. In recent years, however, blogging has become more popular with academics. It’s still not equivalent to peer review (and may never be), but it is the digital equivalent of those 5 minute conversations that take place between experts who meet in a university hallway or in the back row of a presentation at a conference.

And those types of conversations can be invaluable if you want to keep up with what others in the field are thinking and doing.

As budding experts in your field, blogging may be a great way to start tossing about your own ideas. See this list of reasons academics should blog from Hugh McGuire’s blog. It might just inspire you to find or write your own academic blog.

– Erin

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