November 20th, 2008

New PsycBOOK titles – Sept/Oct 2008

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in September and October 2008. Of the titles added, 4 were an APA book and 22 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Addressing cultural complexities in practice: Assessment, diagnosis, and therapy (2nd ed.), © 2008, by Hays, Pamela A.

2. Childhood mental health disorders: Evidence base and contextual factors for psychosocial, psychopharmacological, and combined interventions, © 2008, by Brown, Ronald T.; Antonuccio, David O.; DuPaul, George J.; Fristad, Mary A.; King, Cheryl A.; Leslie, Laurel K.; McCormick, Gabriele S.; Pelham Jr., William E.; Piacentini, John C.; Vitiello, Benedetto

3. Listening to battered women: A survivor-centered approach to advocacy, mental health, and justice, © 2008, by Goodman, Lisa A.; Epstein, Deborah

4. Pedophilia and sexual offending against children: Theory, assessment, and intervention, © 2008, by Seto, Michael C.

Classic Books

1. Critique of pure reason, © 1899, by Kant, Immanuel; Meiklejohn, J. M. D. (Translated)

2. The culture of personality, © 1912, by Randall, John Herman

3. Current psychologies: A critical synthesis, © 1940, by Levine, Albert J.

4. Experience and prediction: An analysis of the foundations and the structure of knowledge, © 1938 (Reprinted 1952), by Reichenbach, Hans

5. Experimental psychology, © 1959, by Siwek, Paul

6. The fundamentals of psychology (rev. ed.), © 1922 (Reprinted 1924), by Pillsbury, W. B.

7. General psychology: From the personalistic standpoint, © 1938, by Stern, William; Spoerl, Howard Davis (Translated)

8. Illustrations of the influence of the mind upon the body in health and disease, designed to elucidate the action of the imagination (2nd American ed.), © 1884, by Tuke, Daniel Hack

9. Instinct in man: A contribution to the psychology of education, © 1917, by Drever, James

10. An outline of abnormal psychology (3rd ed. rev.), © 1925, by Bridges, James Winfred

11. Outlines of descriptive psychology: A text-book of mental science for colleges and normal schools, © 1898, by Ladd, George Trumbull

12. Psychology and life, © 1899, by Münsterberg, Hugo

13. Psychology and life, © 1932, by Mikesell, W. H. (Ed); Dignan, Frank W. (Ed)

14. Psychology and the day’s work: A study in the application of psychology to daily life, © 1918, by Swift, Edgar James

15. Psychology by experiment, © 1927, by Kline, Linus Ward; Kline, Frances Littleton

16. Psychology: Normal and abnormal, with special reference to the needs of medical students and practitioners, © 1930, by Bridges, James Winfred

17. The psychology of attention (authorised translation, 4th rev. ed.), © 1898, by Ribot, Th.

18. The psychology of belief, © 1936, by Lundholm, Helge

19. Psychology: The science of behavior (rev.ed.), © 1940, by Muenzinger, Karl F.

20. Source book in ancient philosophy, © 1907, by Bakewell, Charles M.

21. Systematic psychology: Prolegomena, © 1929, by Titchener, Edward Bradford

22. The unconscious mind, © 1898, by Schofield, Alfred T.

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— Erika


Comment from Jessie Cunningham
Time March 10, 2012 at 9:37 am

I would like to know the book title for the undergraduate Abnormal Psychology text book being used this year.

Comment from kstaley
Time March 12, 2012 at 11:47 am

Hi Jessie,

If you need to know which textbooks you need, check with the bookstore. The library doesn’t have textbooks. This blog post I wrote about a month ago provides more information, including the bookstore link and how to get started:

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