December 18th, 2008

Headed for the Anaheim Colloquium?

Have you been struggling with or perhaps avoiding using the Capella Library?

Have you been using the Library and feel proficent, but will be beginning your comprehensive exams or dissertation and would like to bring your library skills to the “next level”?

If you are attending the Anaheim Colloquium, beginning next week, consider attending one the Capella Library’s sessions:

Finding Scholarly Articles and Books is a great overview of the Library for those with maybe a “tinge” of Library Anxiety.

Advanced Searching and Finding Dissertations for those who have been using the Library and want to learn advanced searching techniques and learn about some resources for their comprehensive exams and disseration.

You can also set up a 20 minute one-on-one appointment with a Capella Librarian to perhaps start getting some ideas for resources for your disseration, or any other area where you would like some individual help.

We are in the Green Room (that sounds so “Hollywood”) at the Hilton, so sign up early if you are interested the appointments go fast!

If you are not attending Colloquium you can always call or email us for assistance, we always take as much time as is needed to address your question.

Erin and I look forward to seeing you in sunny Anaheim!



Comment from susan green
Time February 3, 2009 at 8:22 am

I really do need some help using Capella’s library. I can find some articles, and maybe that’s all I need from the library. But I usually just go online or ask the librarian where I teach, to put me into the database there; but I’m not very comfortable with that because, then she wants all my articles. So I would appreciate some guidance strenghtening my skills using Capella’s library.


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