February 13th, 2009

New PsycBOOK titles – Jan 2009

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in January 2009. Of the titles added, 3 were an APA book and 15 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Gender and occupational outcomes: Longitudinal assessments of individual, social, and cultural influences, © 2008, by Watt, Helen M. G. (Ed); Eccles, Jacquelynne S. (Ed)

2. Inclusive cultural empathy: Making relationships central in counseling and psychotherapy (1st Ed.), © 2008, by Pedersen, Paul B.; Crethar, Hugh C.; Carlson, Jon

3. Sex offending: Causal theories to inform research, prevention, and treatment, © 2008, by Stinson, Jill D.; Sales, Bruce D.; Becker, Judith V.

Classic Books

1. Elements of intellectual philosophy: Designed for a text-book and private reading, © 1850, by Winslow, Hubbard

2. Essay on the application of abstract reasoning to the Christian doctrines: Originally published as an introduction to Edwards on the will, © 1832, by Taylor, Isaac

3. Essays and treatises on several subjects, Vol 2: Containing An enquiry concerning human understanding, A dissertation on the passions, An enquiry concerning the principles of morals, and The natural history of religion, © 1779, by Hume, David

4. Essays: Moral, political and aesthetic (new and enlarged ed.), © 1878, by Spencer, Herbert

5. Herbert Spencer on the Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer, being a full report of his interview, and of the proceedings at the farewell banquet of Nov 9, 1882, © 1883, by Youmans, Edward Livingston

6. Manual of elementary logic: Designed especially for the use of teachers and learners, © 1867, by Atwater, Lyman H.

7. New and extensive analytical examination of the elements of mental science: Containing evidences of difference, distinguishing between elements of mind which lie at the foundation of mental action, and elements of mind which lie at the foundation of moral action (abridged), © 1861, by Smith, Moses

8. A philosophy of religion, or, The rational grounds of religious belief, © 1876, by Bascom, John

9. Principles of mental philosophy, with their applications to the training and discipline of the mind, and the study of its morbid conditions, © 1875, by Carpenter, William B.

10. Psychology; or, a view of the human soul: including anthropology, being the substance of a course of lectures, delivered to the junior class Marshall College, Penn, © 1840, by Rauch, Frederick A.

11. Psychology; or, A view of the human soul; including anthropology, adapted for the use of colleges (3rd ed., rev. and improved), © 1844, by Rauch, Frederick A.

12. System of logic and history of logical doctrines, © 1871, by Ueberweg, Friedrich; Lindsay, Thomas M. (Translator)

13. A theodicy; or, Vindication of the divine glory, as manifested in the constitution and government of the moral world, © 1856, by Bledsoe, Albert Taylor

14. Transcendentalism, with preludes on current events, © 1878, by Cook, Joseph

15. Two letters on causation and freedom in willing, addressed to John Stuart Mill, with an appendix, On the existence of matter, and Our notions of infinite space, © 1869, by Hazard, Rowland G

Note: To read any of these ebook go to the Articles, Books & More page. Scroll down to PsycBOOKS and type in the title.

– Erika

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