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PsycINFO offers training videos directly on YouTube

You have probably enjoyed some of our multimedia tutorials on databases and searching from our Guides & Tutorials page. Now, it looks like the database companies are getting into the training game directly! The PsycINFO Department of the American Psychological Association is pleased to share training videos with you through the popular site YouTube. These […]

Pulling a Topic From Personal Experience

You’re often told to write about what you know, however when you have to support what you know with resources that back up your claims it’s possible you’ll have difficulty finding them. Just because the topic matters to you, doesn’t mean it matters to the researcher applying for grant money to conduct a research study. […]

Having trouble coming up with the “right” search terms?

Many times learners call or email the Library because the search terms they are using are not giving them the results they want in the databases. We are happy to help you figure out what keywords work best, but often as librarians we consult a tool in the databases that is also available to you. […]

What Isn’t Peer Reviewed?

When looking exclusively for peer-reviewed journal articles, most people let the databases do the heavy lifting. In most of the library’s databases you can check a little box, and you’ll only get back the scholarly material you want, right? Not quite. Peer review is an editorial decision at the journal, which means that all FULL […]

Fun “research” in between quarters

The end of the quarter is no reason to give up on research, right? That’s why I’m devoting this post to something that is fun, informative, and very 21st century: the internet meme. What is a meme? If you look it up in the library’s Credo Reference database, you’ll see the following definition: A contagious […]

Take a Tour of the Library

We’ve recently launched an updated media piece titled “Tour the Library” where you can learn where to go for what in the Capella Library. New learners will benefit from learning how to navigate within the Capella Library, and seasoned learners might learn something new. Tour the Library is linked from the Library Homepage, the Guides […]

I can only find one or two articles on my topic, how do I find more?

Many of us are familiar with looking at the reference lists of articles for further articles on our topic. These articles are of course older than the article you have. How would you like to find articles that are more recent than the article you found? To do this you want to use a technique […]

Build Your Personal Library – Before You Leave Your Course

With the quarter winding down (and great bargains at the mall beckoning), it’s easy to fall into a bit of school complacency. There’s a moment when you just want to be done! But before you close your courseroom for the last time, think about the readings and guides that were in your course. If you […]

New titles in Credo

The Capella University Library’s database, Credo Reference, has added new books to its collection. Here is a sampling from the list of new titles: Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History Encyclopedia of Mexico: History, Society & Culture Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict Handbook of Global Environmental Politics Ireland and the Americas: Culture, […]