March 11th, 2009

Build Your Personal Library – Before You Leave Your Course

With the quarter winding down (and great bargains at the mall beckoning), it’s easy to fall into a bit of school complacency. There’s a moment when you just want to be done!

But before you close your courseroom for the last time, think about the readings and guides that were in your course. If you think they might help you later on, this is the time to save or print hard copies for your personal library.

This is especially important if you are a doctoral learner. Building a collection of important readings now can help you prepare for your comps, and even your dissertation. We often get calls from learners trying to remember a great reading from three or four quarters ago. It’s not so easy to do, and sometimes there just isn’t enough information tucked into the recesses of your memory to refind the exact item you want. It’s much better to have it at your fingertips.

Just printing the Course Materials page from the syllabus can be helpful (all the citations are there, and you can use Journal & Book Locator to find them again). Or you can send the citation information to RefWorks as you do your readings. Then you’ll be ready to add them to a bibliography if you use them later on.

Whatever way you do it, now’s the time to take a moment to collect and organize. Building your personal library often goes hand in hand with building your knowledge in the field.



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Comment from Adam Wojciehowski
Time November 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm

U02d1: Critical thinking discussion
Author: Fredrick Ross

If I had to give my discussion a topic it would be “Assumption is the root of all evil.”

Clarifying your thinking:

My professional experience with clarifying my thinking process just happened last week as a matter of fact. I was putting a cabinet together with two front opening doors. Once I had all the “nuts and bolts” in the right places, and stood the cabinet up on its base I noticed that the two front doors were terribly off centered. I had to take a step back and rethink the process that had gotten me to this point. Long story short, I had to take the back off and level the front from the back supporting board. If I would have thought the process through before being ready to get the task done, it would have cut off half my labor time.

Thinking that gets us into trouble:

The thinking in my personal experience that has gotten me into trouble was related to doing laundry. I had just bought a brand new red shirt. Of course everyone knows that colors go with colored clothes, and whites with other white clothes. Well, I didn’t think about the brand new shirt would have excess red color on it, so when I washed it with the other colored clothes they all changed to a slight tinge of red. If I would have thought about this being a new article of clothing and pre-washed it, or washed it separately I wouldn’t have ruined a load of clothes. Oh well, what can you say some lesions are learned the hard way.

Comment from Adam Wojciehowski
Time November 28, 2009 at 9:01 pm

U02d2: Project Topic and Problem Statement
Author: Fredrick Ross

Project Topic: Have we gone too far with the computerized world?

In today’s society there is very little if any need for human communication. We can do everything from ordering groceries to Christmas shopping. If you think about it the Internet is a hermits dream. What happened to the days when you walked through the grocery store and greeted people as you passed? Some parents and children only communicate through texting. I agree with progress there must come change, but where do we as a society draw the line?

Problem Statement: We’ve lost the personal touch.

When I was a child we used to sit around the dinner table and discuss the day’s events over dinner. Today, the only connection we have with our families is through the computer. If I really wanted to punish my child I would not send them to their rooms. Do you know why? Because they have their own computers with the Internet, their own cell phones, their own I Pods. If you really want to punish a teenager today, take away something electronic. That’s like in boxing, hitting below the belt. We can order our spouse flowers via the internet, pay for them, have them delivered, and never leave our desk. Not to be sentimental, but it sure would be nice sometimes just to go back to the good old days.

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