March 13th, 2009

I can only find one or two articles on my topic, how do I find more?

Many of us are familiar with looking at the reference lists of articles for further articles on our topic. These articles are of course older than the article you have.

How would you like to find articles that are more recent than the article you found? To do this you want to use a technique called Cited Reference Searching.

Check out the Library’s Bibliography Mining and Cited Reference Searching page to find out how to do this in a particular database, or using Google Scholar to find resources both inside and outside the Capella Library.

Here is an example that shows a search for a seminal article on the topic of Library Anxiety. If you click on the cited by link in Google Scholar you will see other more recent articles and other resources that have cited this article:


Want to find out more about using the Capella Library and Google Scholar check out this brief interactive tutorial or guide or Ask-a-Librarian.


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