March 16th, 2009

Take a Tour of the Library

Tour the Library

Tour the Library

We’ve recently launched an updated media piece titled “Tour the Library” where you can learn where to go for what in the Capella Library. New learners will benefit from learning how to navigate within the Capella Library, and seasoned learners might learn something new.

Tour the Library is linked from the Library Homepage, the Guides & Tutorials page, and of course this blog post: Tour the Library.

Tour the Library will help answer the following burning questions:

  • What’s available in the Capella Library?
  • Where do I go when I want to find articles, books, and dissertations on my topic?
  • How do I easily locate a book or article in the library when I have the citation (reference) information?
  • How can I obtain something unavailable in the Capella Library without having to pay for it?
  • Where can I go for guidance on improving my research skills?
  • Is there a tool available through the Capella Library that will help me organize all of my references and create APA style reference lists?

So take a Tour of the Capella Library today! And when you need help, Ask a Librarian.


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