March 26th, 2009

Having trouble coming up with the “right” search terms?

Many times learners call or email the Library because the search terms they are using are not giving them the results they want in the databases. We are happy to help you figure out what keywords work best, but often as librarians we consult a tool in the databases that is also available to you.

Most of the Library databases have a link to a Thesaurus (sometimes it is called Browse Topics or Subjects) which will suggest related or alternative terms to search. It’s not the first thing people think of doing when they start searching a database, but doing a little “research” on keywords at the beginning of your search may help you find those “perfect” articles sooner rather than later.

Eric Thesaurus

ProQuest Thesaurus

– Robin


Comment from Jocelyn Heemsah
Time March 29, 2009 at 11:06 am

Hi, I am a new learner undergraduate going for Bachelors in “Human Resources Management”

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