April 16th, 2009

Cited Reference Searching now in ProQuest Databases!

For those of you who have discovered the value of cited reference searching, you can now rejoice in knowing this feature is now available in ProQuest databases. (For those of you unfamiliar with the search techniques of bibliography mining and cited reference searching refer to this Guide.)

The following ProQuest databases now include this feature:

  • ABI/INFORM Global
  • Psychology Journals
  • ProQuest Education Journals
  • ProQuest Medical Library
  • Dissertations & Theses Full Text

“Cited reference searching and bibliography mining are advanced research techniques that help you look both backwards and forwards in time to discover how an individual article or book relates to the development of a discipline. It can help you trace ideas back to their source, discover seminal works, complete a literature review, watch concepts mature over time, and analyze the importance of a single article in a discipline.” (Definition from the Bibliography Mining and Cited Reference Searching guide.)

Keep in mind that like other databases that include convenient bibliography mining and cited reference searching links, ProQuest only has links to articles and dissertations that are indexed in the ProQuest databases.

Below is a screen shot showing how the links appear in your results. Be sure to sort your results by Relevance instead of Date, as the more recently published articles are less likely to have been cited by anyone. Writing, research, and waiting for publication takes time!




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Comment from Adam Wojciehowski
Time November 29, 2009 at 7:03 pm

u02d2 Topic and Problem Statement Template

Fredrick Ross

Overview of the Research Paper Project

Develop an Appropriate Project Topic
Choose a topic

Have we gone too far with the computerized world?
Elaborate and explain your topic with powerful sentences.

In today’s society there is very little if any need for human communication. We can do everything from ordering groceries to Christmas shopping on line. If you think about it the internet is a hermits dream. What happened to the days when you walked through the grocery store and greeted people as you passed? Some parents and children only communicate through texting. I agree with progress there must come change, but where do we as a society draw the line?

Develop a tentative problem statement.

Step 1: Make a basic statement
We’ve lost the personal touch
Step 2: Make a stronger more specific statement
When I was a child we used to sit around the dinner table and discuss the day’s events over dinner. Today, the only connection we have with our families is through the computer. If I really wanted to punish my child I would not send them to their rooms. Do you know why? Because they have their own computers with the internet, their own cell phones, their own I Pods. If you really want to punish a teenager today, take away something of theirs’ electronic. That’s like in boxing, hitting below the belt. We can order our spouse flowers via the internet, pay for them, have them delivered, and never leave your desk. Not to be sentimental, but it sure would be nice sometimes just to go back to the good old days.

Step 3: Compose a specific problem statement that can be argued and supported
Technology can be a great thing. We can pay our bills online. We can email a distant family member. On the other hand, we miss seeing the smile on the tellers face at the phone company, or the greeting that she gives to you. The distant family member might be glad to get an email from you, but I’m sure they would much rather hear your voice.

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