May 5th, 2009

Cited Reference Searching now in Science Direct Database!

Many of you are fans of the Capella Library guide Bibliography Mining and Cited Reference Searching and may have seen my recent blog post titled Cited Reference Searching now in ProQuest Databases! Well cited reference searching is now a feature in the Science Direct – Social and Behavioral Sciences database (located on the Articles, Books and More page along with all the other Library databases).

Science Direct’s cited reference searching works somewhat differently than the other databases, as the “cited by” link is not on the results list but rather a button on the article information page (not the PDF).

So for example when you’re looking at a list of results in Science Direct you would click on the linked Article Title. When you’ve clicked the article title you’ll view a page similar to the below mini screen shot. The Cited By link is to the right of the article title on this page (highlighted in yellow):


Upon clicking on the Cited By link you’ll view the articles in the Science Direct database that cited the original article you were viewing.


We will update the Bibliography Mining & Cited Reference Searching guide to include ProQuest and Science Direct as soon as possible. But for now refer to this blog post and the Cited Reference Searching now in ProQuest Databases! post for guidance. Ask a Librarian if you have questions!



Comment from Russel Johnson
Time May 30, 2010 at 1:36 pm

bibliography mining are advanced research techniques are very helpful
tools thanks for the help

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