May 13th, 2009

Why is it so hard to find scholarly articles on the free web?

Finding scholarly articles is tough to do through Google. Why is that?

Simply put, the journal publishing industry is a lot like the music industry. They want to get paid for their content. You’ve probably had the experience where you find the perfect article through a search engine like Yahoo or Google, but then it takes you to the publisher’s website. They demand $20-$30 per article!

It’s ok to start your research by gathering a little background info online, but for scholarly articles, Capella Library is the way to go. We have purchased tens of thousands of exclusive peer reviewed journals on your behalf.

Here is how our collection compares.


According to, there are only about 4000 scholarly journals that are published “open access” or freely online. Meanwhile, the library has over 30,000 scholarly journals, chosen exclusively for Capella’s programs.

Take our tour of the library to get started. Your research will be much easier, quicker and more efficient when you start with a direct library search.

— Erika

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