May 26th, 2009

Peer Review – Onion style!

Scholarly, peer reviewed, juried, refereed..… When referring to a professional journal or article, all these terms mean the same thing – the article content has been rigorously reviewed and evaluated by a committee of subject experts and given the seal of approval for academic publishing.

Now let’s imagine if we take that peer review process and put it to work in an elementary school. The Onion (a weekly satirical newspaper publishing fake news for our entertainment) did just that.

Please do enjoy The Onion’s article on the unforgiving fifth-grade peer review process.

Fifth-grade peer review

Fifth-grade peer review

On a more educational note – if you would like to learn more about the REAL peer review process and how to find peer-reviewed journals and articles, check out the following Capella Library tutorial and accompanying PDF to learn what peer-reviewed journals are, how to find them in a library database, and where to look and find a journal’s peer-reviewed status.

What are Peer-reviewed Articles & How do I Find Them? (Flash with audio)
What are Peer-reviewed Articles & How do I Find Them? (PDF)

– Jennie

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