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Subject Specific Encyclopedias: How They Can Help?

Were you aware that the Library has two specialized databases that contain subject specific encyclopedias? You can find the databases Gale Virtual Reference and CREDO reference listed under the Databases A-Z link on the Library’s home page. So why would you want to use subject specific encyclopedias when all you hear is that you need […]

By Special Request – More About Meta-Analysis (Quantitative)

Erin’s blog post What makes that analysis so meta? earlier this month sparked an interest to provide some further information and examples of this quantitative method of research. In our library database Gale Virtual Reference Library a search of Meta-analysis finds several encyclopedia entries that explain in detail more about this technique. Click on the […]

Life Rafts for Doctoral Learners (Advanced Guides & Tutorials)

For those of you who will soon be wrapping up at the Jacksonville colloquium (or have attended any other colloquia), here are some of the guides and tutorials the librarians talked about at the library sessions. Nearly every guide mentioned at the library’s colloquia sessions are included in a special section of our Guides & […]

Add with Caution – Using Folders to “Save” in Library Databases

We have gotten several calls in the library recently about adding articles to folders in our library databases, leaving the learners believing the articles will be saved for later, then returning only to find that all the “saved” articles had disappeared. Unfortunately, the Folder feature in the databases is misleading. And as these learners found […]

Keeping Current: News in Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education provides the latest news in Higher Education. Capella learners, faculty and staff all have access to this resource. Here are some instructions to setting up an email alert for the highlights of the daily issue and how to access the full text of articles that interest you. To set up […]

Quarterly wind up

As the quarter winds down I thought I would offer up two classics from the archives: Build Your Personal Library – Before You Leave Your Course Things to Do Between Quarters This should help you put the final touches on papers: The APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources & other APA Resources I hope everybody […]

Track and Organize your Research

Do you feel overwhelmed when researching? Can’t remember which databases you’ve already looked in? What search terms you used? Or if the results where helpful? Maybe you are doing SO MUCH research that you need a tool to help keep it all straight. If this sounds familiar, check out Capella Library’s guide Staying Organized & […]

What Makes That Analysis So Meta?

While looking for quantitative studies, you may have come across the meta-analysis. At first glance it may remind you of a literature review article, since it looks at so many different studies in a single area. But it’s actually a bit more precise than that. A meta-analysis lets the researcher compile the results from multiple […]