June 5th, 2009

Track and Organize your Research

Do you feel overwhelmed when researching? Can’t remember which databases you’ve already looked in? What search terms you used? Or if the results where helpful? Maybe you are doing SO MUCH research that you need a tool to help keep it all straight.

database-research-log4If this sounds familiar, check out Capella Library’s guide Staying Organized & Keeping Track: Research Tools. In it are a number of tools to help you with organizing your research. The Database Research Log is a worksheet created to help learners keep track of their database searching by seeing what databases they’ve tried, what keyword combinations they used, and where they might need to go next.


The Scholarly Research Log is a worksheet best used to keep track of individual books or articles found during the research process. The Scholarly Research Log allows learners to track the resources they’ve found, if they are peer-reviewed, if they were ordered via Interlibrary Loan, and what theories/methods/findings were discussed in the article.

So next time you’re having trouble keeping your searching and your resources organized, remember these tools are here to help you.

– Jennie

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