June 15th, 2009

Keeping Current: News in Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education provides the latest news in Higher Education. Capella learners, faculty and staff all have access to this resource. Here are some instructions to setting up an email alert for the highlights of the daily issue and how to access the full text of articles that interest you.

To set up an email alert (this alerts you to the contents of the most current issue):

Click the Journal and Book Locator link on the Library Web site through iGuide and type the Chronicle of Higher Education in the search box. Several access options come up, make sure you click on the Publishers Site link for the most current issue.

Chronicle of Higher Ed search in Journal & Book Locator

To sign up for the daily e-mail of highlights from the Chronicle, click the link for Create a Free Account.

Chronicle "Create Free Account"

Once you’ve created an account, subscribe to one or more of the free e-newsletters.

Chronicle subscribe to e-newsletters

After you sign up you will get the daily email. Once you have the email and you want to see the full text of an article (or anytime you have a citation for the Chronicle and want to see the article), go again to the Journal and Book Locator on the Library’s Web site, search for the Chronicle and click the Chronicle link. T he picture below highlights the links to the current issues and archive.

Chronicle current issues and archive

If you have any questions Ask-a-Librarian!



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Time July 21, 2009 at 5:10 pm

I would like to sign up for this info.

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