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Social Bookmarking: Organizing and Sharing Web Sites

Most of us “bookmark” our favorite Web Sites. While Web browsers allow you to organize bookmarks into folders on your personal computer, Social Bookmarking works a bit differently. First, your Social Bookmarking account is web-based so you can access your bookmarks from any location with Internet Access. It also allows you to create folders or […]

Assignment Calculator: Finally, a Cure for Procrastination!

Week Four is a great time to start planning those big end-of-the-quarter projects! With work and multiple classes, how can you possibly reserve enough time to write a good 20 page paper? Well, the Capella Library’s Assignment Calculator helps you figure out exactly how much time to reserve for each step of the research process. […]

RefWorks is Twittering & on Facebook

I was using my RefWorks account today when I discovered the following advertisement announcing that RefWorks “is now on Facebook & Twitter!” I have been avoiding setting up a Twitter account, but decided it was time to take a look at how it might be useful to me in a professional capacity. It turns out […]

RefWorks: Naming Your Folders

Hi All – I am at the Phoenix PhD Colloquium this week and a learner asked me for some suggestions on setting up a naming system for her folders in RefWorks. One of the first ways that comes to mind is to create folders by a course number or name of the assignment, and also […]

Military Resources

Did you know that 14% of Capella learners are part of the military? Whether active duty, veterans, reservists, or Department of Defense/Uniformed Services personnel, the military makes up a large percentage of the learners we serve. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you’re a family member or friend. Maybe you’re simply interested in researching about […]