July 16th, 2009

RefWorks: Naming Your Folders

refworksearchfoldersHi All –

I am at the Phoenix PhD Colloquium this week and a learner asked me for some suggestions on setting up a naming system for her folders in RefWorks. One of the first ways that comes to mind is to create folders by a course number or name of the assignment, and also by subject . You can then put on article in multiple folders. That way you have your articles organized for your coursework and also by subject for when you work on your comprehensive exams and dissertations.

What is nice about RefWorks is that you don’t need to come up with the perfect system to start. RefWorks has very sophisticated ways to search for articles under the Search menu at the top of the RefWorks page. You can search by topic, author, journal title and many other options. So even if you only remember a few details about an article you can locate it. You can also always create, rename or delete folders using the Organize Folders link under the Folders menu in RefWorks.

If you have further questions on setting up folders or using the search function in RefWorks check the handouts RefWorks Basic Features and RefWorks Advanced Features. Or Ask-a-Libarian.

What is your strategy for naming your folders in RefWorks?


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