August 11th, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Call or Email a Capella Librarian

toptenAn anecdotal list in no particular order.

1. You have been searching for 20 minutes to 1 hour with no success (don’t wait hours or days to get help).

2. You want to learn how to use RefWorks to store and organize your Library Research.

3. You are starting your Dissertataion Literature Review and want to discuss some strategies.

4. You are working on your Comprehensive Exam and need help finding information on a specific topic.

5. You are new to Capella and would like an overview of the Library. Click here for an online Tour of the Library.

6. You want to know what the weather is like in Minneapolis – First Hand!

7. You opened Lexis Nexis or any database and it frightens you.

8. You need to know “what the heck” a peer-reviewed article is and WHY faculty are so obsessed with them. Click here for the guide “How Do I Find Peer Reviewed Ariticles?”

9. You want help evaluating a source that you found outside the Library. Click here for a guide on Evaluating Sources.

10. You are about to fling your computer at the wall and quit Capella because you can’t find information on your topic.

Calling a Capella Librarian: Click Here to hear what a typical call sounds like.


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