August 13th, 2009

New PsycBOOK Titles – June/July 2009

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in June and July 2009. Of the titles added, 3 were APA books and 37 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Courtroom modifications for child witnesses: Law and science in forensic evaluations, © 2008, by Hall, Susan R.; Sales, Bruce D.psycbooks809-blog

2. Psychotherapy with cardiac patients: Behavioral cardiology in practice, © 2008, by Dornelas, Ellen A.

3. Women street hustlers: Who they are and how they survive, © 2008, by Rockell, Barbara A.

Classic Books

4. Analysis of the phenomena of the human mind, in two volumes, Vol I, © 1829, by Mill, James

5. The Anatomy of melancholy: What it is with all the kinds, causes, symptomes, prognostickes & severall cures of it (4th ed.), © 1632, by Democritus

6. Chirologia: or The naturall language of the hand: Composed of the speaking motions, and discoursing gestures thereof; whereunto is added Chironomia: or, The art of the manuall rhetoricke: Consisting of the naturall expressions, digested by art in the hand, as the chiefest instrument of eloquence, © 1644, by Bulwer, John

7. A commentary and review of Montesquieu’s spirit of laws, © 1811, by Destutt de Tracy, Antoine L. C.

8. Contemplations moral and divine: In two parts, © 1675 (Reprinted 1679), by Hale, Matthew

9-11. An elementary system of physiology, Vol 1-3 (2nd ed.), © 1828, 1830, by Bostock, John

12. Elements of criticism, Vol. 1, 2nd (American from the 8th London ed.), © 1816, by Home, Henry

13. Elements of mental and moral philosophy, founded upon experience, reason, and the Bible, The, © 1831, by Anonymous

14. Elements of moral philosophy: Comprising the theory of morals and practical ethics, © 1825, by Parkhurst, John L.

15. Essays on some of the first principles of metaphysics, ethicks, and theology, © 1824, by Burton, Asa

16. Essays on the nature and principles of taste (from the Edinburgh 1811 ed.), © 1812, by Alison, Archibald

17. Family monitor, or, A help to domestic happiness (2nd American ed.), The, © 1829, by James, John Angell

18. First lines of the practice of physic, with notes and observations, practical and explanatory, and a preliminary discourse in defence of classical medicine, in two volumes, Vol 1, © 1816, by Cullen, William; Caldwell, Charles

19. The freedom of the mind, demanded of American free men; being lectures to the Lyceum on the improvement of the people, © 1830, by Nott Jr., Samuel

20. Hints for an essay on the pursuit of happiness (designed for common use), © 1818, by Oliver Jr., Benjamin L.

21. An inquiry into the opinions, ancient and modern, concerning life and organization, © 1822, by Barclay, John

22. Lectures on the philosophy of the human mind, Vol 3, © 1830, by Brown, Thomas

23. Letters on the elementary principles of education, Vol 2 (6th ed.), © 1818, by Hamilton, Elizabeth

24. Letters on the logos, © 1828, by Upham, Charles W.

25. The life of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury, written by himself, © 1830, by Herbert, Edward Lord

26. The light of nature pursued, Vol 7 (2nd ed., rev. and corrected), together with some account of the life of the author, © ND, by Tucker, Abraham

27. Medical inquiries and observations upon the diseases of the mind, 4th ed., © 1830, by Rush, Benjaminpsycbooks809_2

28-29. The philosophy of zoology, or a general view of the structure, functions, and classification of animals, Vol. I-II, © 1822, by Fleming, John

30. Plan of the founder of Christianity, © 1831, by Reinhard, F. V.; Taylor, Oliver A. (Trans)

31. A preliminary discourse on the study of natural philosophy, © 1831, by Herschel, J. F. W.

32. Principles of legislation: From the ms. of Jeremy Bentham, bencher of Lincoln‘s Inn, 2nd. Ed., © 1830, by Dumont, M.; Neal, John (Trans)

33. The spiritual mustard pot: containing a demonstration of the existence of God; answers to three objections to the divine origin of the scriptures; and an essay on the origin of religion, © 1824, by Cogitans, John

34. Transactions of the phrenological society, instituted 22nd February 1820, © 1824, by Anonymous

35. Treatise on the philosophy of the human mind, being the lectures of the late Thomas Brown, M.D., Vol II (Abridged, and distributed according to the natural divisions of the subject), © 1827, by Brown, Thomas; Hedge, Levi (Ed.)

36. The treatise on religious affections, somewhat abridged, to which is now added a copious index of subjects, © 1821, by Edwards, Jonathan

37. Truth displayed: In a series of elementary principles, illustrated and enforced by practical observations, in three parts, © 1816, by Osborn, Benjamin

38. Two treatises in the one of which, the nature of the bodies; in the other, the nature of man’s soule; is looked into: In a way of discovery, of the immortality of reasonable soules, © 1644, by Digby, Kenelme

39. The works of President Edwards: With a memoir of his life, in ten olumes, Vol. I, © 1829, by Edwards, Jona

40. Zoonomia; or the Laws of organic life, in three parts, Vol 2 (4th American ed.), © 1795 (reprinted 1818), by Darwin, Erasmus

Note: To read any of these ebook go to the Articles, Books & More page. Scroll down to PsycBOOKS and type in the title.

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