August 21st, 2009

Ebrary & RefWorks Together at Last!

Great news! You can now export Ebrary ebooks to your RefWorks account. If you haven’t already heard us rave about RefWorks, then be sure to check out our blog posts about RefWorks.

Below are the instructions for first enabling RefWorks function in ebrary, followed by the export directions for a single ebook or for exporting your entire Ebrary Bookshelf. I found these directions by clicking on Help in the Ebrary database. (Directions modified somewhat.)

Enabling EndNote or RefWorks

You must enable integration with EndNote or RefWorks before ebrary displays the buttons that support the feature. (You only have to do this one time and then you’ll be able to export every time you use ebrary.)

  1. Click My Settings, located to the right of the language choice drop-down menu.
  2. In the Managing Bibliographic Information area, click the Show EndNote buttons check box, the Show Refworks buttons check box, or both.
  3. By default, no buttons are displayed.

  4. The next time you perform a search, go to your bookshelf, or use the InfoTools drop-down menu while viewing a book, you can export the citation information.

Saving Bibliographical Information With RefWorks

RefWorks is an online research management, writing, and collaboration tool that you use over the Internet. Before you can save bibliographic data using RefWorks, you must create an account with RefWorks.

To save bibliographic data for a single document:

You have these choices:

  • Click the RefWorks button below the document on the search results page.
  • Open the document in the ebrary QuickView Reader and choose InfoTools > RefWorks.
  • RefWorks imports bibliographic information about the document. If you are not logged in to RefWorks, RefWorks prompts you to log in first.

Note: The prompt from RefWorks might be displayed in a different tab or browser window.

To save bibliographic data for all documents in a bookshelf folder:

  1. Sign in to ebrary. Select the Bookshelf tab. You must be signed in to view your bookshelf.
  2. Select a folder you have created. You can only save bibliographic information for documents in your folders.
  3. Click the RefWorks button.

RefWorks imports bibliographic information for each document in the folder. If you are not logged in to RefWorks, RefWorks prompts you to log in first.


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