August 29th, 2009

More New Ebrary Features

I blogged last week about how Ebrary now allows direct exporting to RefWorks. Well they’ve been busy adding even more new features. You’re no longer required to download the Ebrary Reader to utilize the InfoTools functions. So perhaps if you’ve had trouble in the past using ebrary on a computer where you don’t have administrative rights to download, now you can more easily use Ebrary.

Ebrary has provided this short video (3 mns) highlighting these new features. They also provide a more comprehensive video demonstrating how to use the Ebrary database (11 mns).

Ebrary is one of our ebook databases. If you haven’t explored ebooks yet, perhaps now is the time!

“Books are a great source of information for your papers, research and coursework. Books and ebooks allow an author to explore a topic in great depth. They can offer a different perspective than articles because they tend to provide a deeper overview or framework for the topic. You also do not have to read the whole book. If only a chapter is useful you can simply use it and cite only that chapter.”

-From our guide Finding Books & Ebooks (located on the Guides & Tutorials page)



Comment from Elizabeth Rocks
Time March 17, 2010 at 2:36 pm

The Ebrary is great, but I think they rushed the tutorial video a little, on the new features. Some of us are dyslectic, and it’s difficult to follow when it jumps so fast. Just a thought.

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