September 11th, 2009

Help Finding Statistics in Education

I don’t know about you but databases and Web sites that store statistics always intimidate me. One of the best sources of education statistics is the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) which is frequently updated by the US Dept of Education and Institute of Education Sciences. I recently found a tool on this site, that makes navigation of the wealth of information available more manageable. Its called Data Search Tools, you can access this information by clicking Help – Search Guides from the first page of the Web site or click here


Here are a couple of examples of easy searches for the following information:

Public School and School District Search – Obtain the correct name, address, phone number, NCES ID number, and other student and teacher characteristics of a public school or public school district anywhere in the nation.

Data State Education Profiles– Search for statewide information in elementary/secondary education, postsecondary education and selected demographics for all states in the U.S.

Check out the other options. I know finding this help reduced some of my “anxiety” related to finding information on this site.

Need further assistance finding statistical information in Education or any other discipline? Check out the Library Research Guides for Specific Schools, each has a section of statistical resources.

Or Ask-a-Librarian



Comment from Learn English Kids
Time November 29, 2009 at 5:27 pm

I’ve been looking for some statistics to back up research I’m doing about ESL teaching to elementary school kids. This information will help greatly, thanks for the post!

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