September 15th, 2009

New PsycBOOK Titles – August 2009

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in August 2009. Of the titles added, 4 were APA books and 20 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Book

1. Clinical health psychology in medical settings: A practitioner’s guidebook (2nd ed.), © 2009, by Belar, Cynthia D.; Deardorff, William W.

2. Consulting psychology: Selected articles by Harry Levinson, © 2009, by Levinson, Harry; PsycBOOKS9.09Freedman, Arthur M. (Ed.); Bradt, Kenneth H. (Ed.)

3. Financial success in mental health practice: Essential tools and strategies for practitioners, © 2009, by Walfish, Steven; Barnett, Jeffrey E.

4. Treatment of chronic medical conditions: Cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies and integrative treatment protocols, © 2009, by Sperry, Len

Classic Books

5. Elements of criticism, with analyses and translations of ancient and foreign illustrations (new ed.), © 1833, by Home, Henry; Mills, Abraham (Ed.)

6. Elements of intellectual philosophy, designed as a text-book (2nd ed.), © ND (reprinted 1828), by Upham, Thomas C.

7. Elements of moral philosophy (2nd ed., rev. and improved), © 1835, by Parkhurst, John L.

8. The elements of moral science (2nd ed.), © 1835, by Wayland, Francis

9. Elements of psychology: Included in a critical essay of Locke’s essay on the human understanding, © 1834, by Cousin, Victor; Henry, C. S. (Trans.)

10. Essays on the powers of the human mind, Vol. 1, © 1803, by Reid, Thomas

11. An inquiry into the modern prevailing notions respecting that freedom of will which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, virtue and vice, reward and punishment, praise and blame (a new edition), © 1831, by Edwards, Jonathan

12. Introduction to the history of philosophy, © 1832, by Cousin, Victor; Linberg, Henning Gotfried (Trans.)

13. Moral essays contain’d in several treatises on many important duties, Vol. 3 (3rd ed. with amendments) and Vol. 4 contained in two treatises, © 1696, by Nicole, Pierre

14. Moral essays, contain’d in several treatises on many important duties, Vol. 1 (3rd ed. with amendments) and Vol. 2 (2nd ed.), © 1696, by Nicole, Pierre

15. Observations on the Zoonomia of Erasmus Darwin, MD, © 1798, by Brown, Thomas

16. Occasional discourses, including several never before published, © 1833, by PsycBOOKS9.09_2Wayland, Francis

17. Of wisdom: The second and third books (2nd ed.), © 1707, by Charron, Sieur de; Stanhope, George (Trans.)

18-19. On the power wisdom and goodness of God as manifested in the adaptation of external nature to the moral and intellectual constitution of man, Vol. I-II, © 1833, by Chalmers, Thomas

20. The philosophy of the human voice: Embracing its physiological history; together with a system of principles, by which criticism in the art of elocution may be rendered intelligible, and instruction, definite and comprehensive: To which is added a brief analysis of song and recitative (2nd ed. enlarged), © 1833, by Rush, James

21. The philosophy of the moral feelings, © 1833, by Abercrombie, John

22. The principles of physiology applied to the preservation of health, and to the improvement of physical and mental education, © 1834, by Combe, Andrew

23. A treatise of the passions and faculties of the soul of man, with the several dignities and corruptions thereunto belonging, © 1656, by Reynolds, Edward

24. A view of the elementary principles of education, founded on the study of the nature of man, © 1832, by Spurzheim, G.

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Articles, Books, and More page. Scroll down to PsycBOOKs and type in the title.

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