October 23rd, 2009

Learning With Your Eyes Shut – Gale Virtual Reference

Gale Virtual Reference Library now features streaming and downloadable audio of their encyclopedia entries. You can click to play the entry or download the MP3. Just click the Listen button and the options to either stream the audio or download the MP3 will appear.


Gale Virtual Reference Library is not a peer-reviewed journal resource, but it does include subject specific encyclopedias that are very helpful for finding out background information. Theories and research methodologies discussed in the scholarly literature do not go over the basic information about the theory or describes how a particular type of methodology is used. Scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles discuss the theory and methodology within the context of their research. The scholars assume the readers already have that foundational knowledge. So Gale is a great place to go to learn that foundational information. And now it’s available with an audio feature!

To learn more about Gale check out Robin’s recent blog post Gale to the Rescue.


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