October 26th, 2009

MyEBSCOhost vs. RefWorks – Organizing Your Articles & Books

Sometimes learners ask us about creating a MyEBSCOhost account, which allows you to add articles to folders in EBSCOhost databases to be retrieved later. Often this topic comes up because a learner was adding articles to a folder without creating and logging in to a MyEBSCOhost account, which would then cause the articles to disappear from the folder once you close your browser.

Erin recently blogged about a new feature in MyEBSCOhost that allows you to add notes. You can also add notes in RefWorks for individual articles. Check out the RefWorks Advanced Features guide which shows you how to Create an Annotated Bibliography. Just follow the instructions for Making Annotations to add your notes.

If you already have a MyEBSCOhost account you can easily transfer all of your references to RefWorks. Just follow the steps on the Exporting from Library Databases guide for EBSCOhost databases and export from your MyEBSCOhost folders. You have the option when you export to RefWorks to delete the articles from your MyEBSCOhost folder or leave them there, so you can either continue to keep them in both places if you like.

Hungry to learn more about RefWorks? Check out one of our RefWorks Online Seminars. Just go to the RefWorks Information Page (linked as RefWorks from the Library Homepage) to register!

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