November 17th, 2009

RefMobile: RefWorks on the go!

Learners have been inquiring about RefMobile, a newer RefWorks mobile version that allows you to access your RefWorks account with your mobile device. I decided I’d give it a try and see what all the buzz was about with my iPod Touch.

I found this guide very helpful when I first tried RefMobile and started learning its features: Working with RefMobile. From that guide it outlines the features of RefMobile and links to guides showing you how each feature works:

  • Searching within your RefWorks account
  • Viewing ALL references and file attachments (if the attachment type is supported by your mobile device)
  • Viewing references by folder
  • Adding or removing references to/from a folder
  • Creating new folders
  • Entering new references via SmartAdd — which locates references on the web when you enter an ISBN, DOI, PubMed ID (PMID), first author and pub year, or partial title
  • Adding comments or text to the Notes field of your references

So if your mobile device can access the Internet, then you can utilize RefMobile. Just point your web browser to and have a go!


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