November 26th, 2009

Help! – Why is my search not working?

frustratedlearnerYou’ve all been there it’s a Sunday or late in the evening and you have been searching for “hours” – You are not getting what you need. What can you do if a librarian is not available to help.

1. If your assignment is not due right away, stop searching and send us an email. We will respond to it the next day we are in the office. We start working on those emails at 8:00am.

2. If your assignment is due soon remember that you are probably not getting results for one of two reasons:

  • You are using the wrong words (try other terms that mean the same thing). If you can’t think of these terms try the Thesaurus or Subject Terms link at the top of most of the Library databases.
  • You are in the wrong database (remember each database covers a unique set of journals). For example if you are in ERIC try Proquest Education Journals, if you are in Business Source Complete try ABI/INFORM.

3. You may want to review the following brief tutorial Finding Journal Articles , it’s less than 10 minutes and it may remind you of some concepts you have forgotten about for getting good search results.

Hope some of these tips help!


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