December 18th, 2009

Research Troubles Ailing You? We Have the Remedy

You have research and library problems? We have solutions. Below is a table with the most common problems learners run in to as they conduct research for their assignments and links to corresponding video tutorials and PDF guides. Try learning something new over break and see if you can solve those persistent problems you’ve encountered as you research.

Problem Solution/Guide
I don’t know where to go in the Library to find resources.
I’m not sure how to find resources about my topic in the library.
I’m finding too many unrelated articles or I’m finding too few articles. How can I find more relevant articles?
I have a citation for a specific book/article, how do I find it in the Capella Library without searching every database?
How do I know if this is a good resource I can use for my paper?
How do I know if this is a good, searchable topic for the assignment?
Problems with procrastination and time management when it comes to completing assignments.
What are Peer Reviewed articles and how do I find them?


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