December 20th, 2009

New Quarter’s Resolution – Stop Procrastinating!

As an undergraduate student I was the queen of procrastination. It was unbelievable how much schoolwork I could put off and then cram into the last two weeks of classes.

Of course, as an adult graduate student I was busy juggling work, home and school all at the same time. I quickly learned that I just couldn’t pull all nighters any more. The procrastination had to end.

Ending procrastination doesn’t just benefit your sleep schedule and your sanity. It also improves your library research abilities.

How so?

Well, by giving yourself more distance between your library research and your due date, you have time to:

For all of you doctoral learners, ending procrastination now will help you schedule your time and learn how to pace yourself with research and writing. This is a very important skill for writing your comps and dissertation. Neither of those can be done overnight with a pot of coffee!

If you need help planning your time, you can try the Assignment Calculator, which outlines the whole process from selecting a topic to editing your final draft.

As you think about starting Winter quarter, it may be time to give procrastination the ole heave ho!

. . . or maybe the quarter after that . . .

– Erin

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