January 14th, 2010

New PsycBOOKS Titles! – Dec. 2009

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in December 2009. Of the titles added, 5 were APA books and 20 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA BooksBehavioral emergencies

1. Behavioral emergencies: An evidence-based resource for evaluating and managing risk of suicide, violence, and victimization, © 2009, by Kleespies, Phillip M. (Ed.)

2. Correcting fallacies about educational and psychological testing, © 2009, by Phelps, Richard P. (Ed.)

3. The duty to protect: Ethical, legal, and professional considerations for mental health professionals, © 2009, by Werth Jr., James L.; Welfel, Elizabeth Reynolds; Benjamin, G. Andrew H. (Eds.)

4. Realizing social justice: The challenge of preventive interventions, © 2009, by Kenny, Maureen E.; Horne, Arthur M.; Orpinas, Pamela; Reese, Le’Roy E. (Eds.)

5. Trauma services for women in substance abuse treatment: An integrated approach, © 2009, by Hien, Denise; Litt, Lisa Caren; Cohen, Lisa R.; Miele, Gloria M.; Campbell, Aimee

Classic Books

6. The constitution of man, considered in relation to external objects (5th ed., rev., corrected, and enlarged), © 1835, by Combe, George

7. Dissertations on the history of metaphysical and ethical, and of mathematical and physical science, © 1835, by Stewart, Dugald; Mackintosh, James; Playfair, John; Leslie, John

8. Elements of logick; or, A summary of the general principles and different modes of reasoning (4th ed.), © 1824, by Hedge, Levi

9. An essay concerning the free agency of man, or, The powers and faculties of the human mind, the decrees of God, moral obligation, natural law, and morality, © 1820, by Baylies, Nicholas

10. Examination of the advantages of solitude; and of its operations of the heart and mind; with an enquiry into its prejudicial influence on the imagination and passions, Vol . 2, © 1805, by Zimmerman, John George

11. Grammar of logic and intellectual philosophy, on didactic principles; For the use of schools and prPsycBooks1.10ivate instruction, © 1822, by Jamieson, Alexander

12. An inquiry into the human mind, on the principles of common sense, © 1764, by Reid, Thomas

13. Logic; or, The art of thinking: In which, besides the common, are contain’d many excellent new rules, very profitable for directing of reason, and acquiring of judgment, in things as well relating to the instruction of a mans self, as of others, © 1685, by Arnauld, Antoine

14. Man, in his physical structure and adaptations, © 1888, by Mudie, Robert

15. Mental philosophy: A popular view of the nature, immortality, phenomena, and conduct of the human mind, © 1838, by Mudie, Robert

16. The moral instructor, and guide to virtue and happiness, being a compendium of moral science (in 4 parts, 2nd ed., rev.), © 1819, by Torrey Jr., Jesse

17. A new family encyclopedia; or, Compendium of universal knowledge: Comprehending a plain and practical view of those subjects most interesting to persons in the ordinary professions of life (5th ed.), © 1835, by Goodrich, Charles A. (Ed.)

18. Observations on the growth of the mind; with remarks on some other subjects, © 1838, by Reed, Sampson

19. The philosophy of human nature, © 1812, by Buchanan, Joseph

20-21. Phrenology, or the Doctrine of the mental phenomena, Vol. 1 and 2: Physiological part with plates (3rd American ed., greatly improved by the author from the 3rd London ed.), © 1834, by Spurzheim, J. G.

22. Psychosophia: or, Natural & divine contemplations of the passions & faculties of the soul of man, in three books, © 1653, by Mosley, Nicholas

23. Religion in its relation to the present life, © 1841, by Johnson, A. B.

24. System of moral philosophy; or Christian ethics: Designed for the use of parents in their domestic instruction, advanced classes in Sunday schools, and literary institutes (2nd ed.), © 1837, by Lacey, William B.

25. Three books of wisdom (2nd ed., corrected), © 1707, by de Charron, Sieur; Stanhope, George (Trans.)

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Articles, Books, and More page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the title.


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