February 8th, 2010

Google Scholar Now Offers Legal Research Option

Legal research is always challenging, but Google Scholar is now providing an option that allows you to do some legal research which might make it a little easier.

Sometimes the toughest part of conducting legal research is trying to find a legal case on a specific topic. It’s difficult to search the millions of state and federal cases using keywords and Law Reviews can also be time consuming to search for cases on a topic.

Google Scholar has added legal cases to their search by providing an option to search Legal opinions and journals. See below for an example how to use this new tool.

Caution: As with anything on the free web, Google Scholar can make mistakes.

Search Example Topic: Lawsuits involving universities

1) Go to www.scholar.google.com.

2) Select the radio button to search Legal opions and journals and type your keywords in the search box.


3) Use your results to identify case names or citation numbers.


4) Go to LexisNexis and search using either a case name or citation number.



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