February 18th, 2010

New PsycBOOKS Titles! – January 2010

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in January 2010. Of the titles added, 4 were APA books and 20 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. The development of giftedness and talent across the life span, © 2009, by Horowitz, Frances Degen (Ed.); Subotnik, Rena F. (Ed.); Matthews, Dona J.(Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-0414-X

2. Integrated behavioral health in primary care: Step-by-step guidance for assessment and intervention, © 2009, Hunter, Christopher L.; Goodie, Jeffrey L.; Oordt, Mark S.; Dobmeyer, Anne C. ISBN: 1-4338-0428-X

3. Interpersonal theory of suicide: Guidance for working with suicidal clients, © 2009, by Joiner Jr., Thomas E.; Van Orden, Kimberly A.; Witte, Tracy K.; Rudd, M. David ISBN: 1-4338-0426-3

4. Obesity in youth: Causes, consequences, and cures, © 2009, by Heinberg, Leslie J. (Ed.); Thompson, J. Kevin (Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-0427-1

Classic Books

5. The book of good examples; drawn from authentic history and biography; designed to illustrate the beneficial effects of virtuous conduct, © 1847, by Frost, John

6. The constitution of man, considered in relation to external objects (from the 3rd enlarged Edinburgh ed.), © 1845, by Combe, George

7. Curiosities of human nature: By the author of Peter Parley’s tales, © 1846, by Goodrich, Samuel G.

8. A discourse of the Baconian philosophy, © 1844, by Tyler, Samuel

9. A discourse of the Baconian philosophy (2nd ed.), © 1846, by Tyler, Samuel

10. The doctrine of the will, applied to moral agency and responsibility, © 1841, by Tappan, Henry P.

11. Eclectic moral philosophy, prepared for literary institutions and general use, © 1847, by Boyd, J. R.

12. An essay on transcendentalism, © 1842, by Anonymous

13. Fundamental philosophy, or, Elements of primitive philosophy; being the first division of a complete system of philosophical science, © 1848, by Krug, William Traugott

14. The human brain: Its structure, physiology and diseases, with a description of the typical forms of brain in the animal kingdom (2nd London ed.), © 1848, by Solly, Samuel

15. Introduction to ethics, including a critical survey of moral systems (Vol. 1), © 1848, by Jouffroy; Channing, William H. (Trans.)

16. Introduction to ethics, including a critical survey of moral systems (Vol. 2), © 1847, by Jouffroy; Channing, William H. (Trans.)

17. Memory and intellectual improvement applied to self-education and juvenile instruction (25th ed., improved), © 1850, by Fowler, O. S.

18. Parental instructions; or, Guide to wisdom and virtue designed for young persons of either sex, selected mainly from the writings of an eminent physician, © 1847, by Percival, Thomas

19. The Philosophy of life, and Philosophy of language, in a course of lectures, © 1847, by Schlegel, Frederick von; Morrison, A. J. W. (Trans.)

20. Psychology, elements of a new system of mental philosophy, on the basis of consciousness and common sense, © 1842, by Schmucker, S. S.

21. The revelation of rights (2nd ed.), © 1847, by Ellmaker, Elias E.

22. Sketches of modern philosophy, especially among the Germans, © 1842, by Murdock, James

23. A treatise on man and the development of his faculties (A facsimile reproduction of the English translation of 1842 with an introduction by Solomon Diamond), © 1842 (Reprinted 1969), by Quetelet, Lambert A. J.

24. Youth’s book on the mind, embracing the outlines of the intellect, the sensibilities, and the will: Introductory to the study of mental philosophy, © 1842, by Pearl, Cyril

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