May 7th, 2010

New PsycBOOKS Added – March 2010

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in March 2010. Of the titles added, 3 were APA books and 20 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Action learning for developing leaders and organizations: Principles, strategies, and cases, © 2009, by Marquardt, Michael J.; Leonard, H. Skipton; Freedman, Arthur M.; Hill, Claudia C. ISBN:1-4338-0435-2

2. Preventing partner violence: Research and evidence-based intervention strategies, © 2009, by Whitaker, Daniel J. (Ed.); Lutzker, John R. (Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-0434-4

3. Understanding nonsuicidal self-injury: Origins, assessment, and treatment, © 2009, by Nock, Matthew K. (Ed.) ISBN: 1-4338-0436-0

Classic Books

4. Chapters on mental physiology, © 1852, by Holland, Henry

5. Characteristics of the Christian philosopher: A discourse commemorative of the virtues and attainments of Rev. James Marsh, © 1843, by Cheever, George B.

6. Elements of physiology (arr. from 2nd London ed.), © 1843, by Müller, J.; Baly, Wm. (Trans); Bell, John (Ed.)

7. Essays on life, sleep, pain, etc., © 1852, by Dickson, Samuel Henry

8. Essays on the intellectual powers of man (abridged), with notes and illustrations from Sir William Hamilton and others, © 1850, by Reid, Thomas; Walker, James (Ed.)

9. Illustrations of physiology, © 1851, by Rice, C. D.

10. Instinct and reason: Deduced from electro-biology, © 1850, by Smee, Alfred

11. Lectures on the history of moral philosophy in England, © 1852, by Whewell, William

12. Lowell lectures on the application of metaphysical and ethical science to the evidences of religion, © 1849, by Bowen, Francis

13. The method of the divine government, physical and moral, © 1851, by M’Cosh, James

14. The method of the divine government, physical and moral, © 1852, by M’Cosh, James

15. The power of the soul over the body, considered in relation to health and morals, © 1852, by Moore, George

16. The principles of physiology, by John Augustus Unzer; and A dissertation on the functions of the nervous system by George Prochaska, © 1851, by Unzer, John Augustus; Prochaska, George; Laycock, Thomas (Trans.)

17. The races of men: A fragment, © 1850, by Knox, Robert

18. The remains of the Rev. James Marsh, D. D., late president and professor of moral and intellectual philosophy, in the University of Vermont, with a memoir of his life (3rd ed.), © 1852, by Marsh, James; Torrey, J. (Ed.)

19. Remarks on the influence of mental cultivation and mental excitement upon health (3rd ed.), © 1845, by Brigham, Amariah

20. Single blessedness; or, single ladies and gentlemen, against the slanders of the pulpit, the press, and the lecture-room, © 1852, by Anonymous

21. Somnolism & psycheism; or, the science of the soul and the phenomena of nervation, as revealed by vital magnetism or mesmerism, considered physiologically and philosophically: With notes of mesmeric and psychical experience (2nd ed.), © No Year Specified (Reprinted 1851), by Haddock, Joseph W.

22. The true nature of the beautiful, and its influence upon culture: A discourse delivered before the literary societies of Amherst College, August 13, 1851, © 1851, by Shedd, William G. T.

23. Voltaire and Rousseau against the atheists; or, Essays and detached passages from those writers in relation to the being and attributes of God, © 1845, by Voltaire; Rousseau, Jean Jacques; Akerly, J. (Trans.)

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Library’s Databases A-Z page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the title.


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