August 30th, 2010

July 2010 – New PsycBOOKs Added!

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in July 2010. All 20 were designated classic books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

Classic Books

1. Abridgment of Mental philosophy, including the three departments of the intellect, sensibilities, and will: Designed as a text-book for academies and high schools, © 1862, by Upham, ThomasAbridgement of Mental Philosopgy - book cover image

2. Aesthetics; or, The science of beauty, © 1862, by Bascom, John

3. Considerations on representative government, © 1862, by Mill, John Stuart

4. Considerations on some of the elements and conditions of social welfare and human progress, being academic and occasional discourses and other pieces, © 1861, by Henry, Caleb Sprague

5. Elements of mental philosophy: Abridged and designed as a text-book for academies and high schools, © 1861, by Upham, Thomas C.

6. Essays on scientific and other subjects, contributed to the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, © 1862, by Holland, Henry

7. The essentials of psychology, © 1916, by Pillsbury, W. B.

8. First principles of ethics: Designed as a basis for instruction in ethical science in schools and colleges, © 1861, by Champlin, J. T.

9. The intuitions of the mind inductively investigated, © 1860, by M’Cosh, James

10. Lectures on metaphysics and logic, Vol 1: Metaphysics, © 1863, by Hamilton, William; Mansel, Henry Longueville (Ed.); Veitch, John (Ed.)

11. The metaphysics of Sir William Hamilton, collected, arranged, and abridged for the use of colleges and private students, © 1863, by Bowen, Francis

12. Mind and brain: or, The correlations of consciousness and organisation; with their applications to philosophy, zoology, physiology, mental pathology, and the practice of medicine, Vol. 2, © 1860, by Laycock, Thomas

Aesthetics, or the science of beauty - book cover image13. Mysteries of human nature explained by a system of nervous physiology: To which is added a review of the errors of spiritualism, and instructions for developing or resisting the influence by which subjects and mediums are made, © 1857, by Grimes, J. Stanley

14. New illustrated self-instructor in phrenology and physiology; with over 100 engravings; together with the chart and character of, © 1859, by Fowler, O. S.; Fowler, L. N.

15. On the study of character, including an estimate of phrenology, © 1861, by Bain, Alexander

16. Outlines of moral science, © 1860, by Alexander, Archibald

17. Principles of human physiology, with their chief applications to psychology, pathology, therapeutics, hygiene, and forensic medicine (edited with additions), © 1862, by Carpenter, William B.; Smith, Francis Gurney (Ed.)

18. Salem witchcraft; comprising More wonders of the invisible world, collected by Robert Calef; and Wonders of the invisible world, by Cotton Mather; together with notes and explanations by Samuel P. Fowler, © 1861, by Mather, Cotton; Calef, Robert (Ed.); Fowler, Samuel P. (Ed.)

19. Substance and shadow: or Morality and religion in their relation to life: An essay upon the physics of creation, © 1863, by James, Henry

20. Text-book in intellectual philosophy, for schools and colleges, containing an outline of the science, with an abstract of its history, © 1860, by Champlin, J. T.

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Library’s Databases A-Z page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the title.


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