September 14th, 2010

New PsycBOOKS – August 2010

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in August 2010. Of the titles added, 8 were APA books and 19 were designated Classic Books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Becoming an effective psychotherapist: Adopting a theory of psychotherapy that’s right for you and your client, © 2010, by Truscott, Derek. 1-4338-0473-5

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for refractory cases: Turning failure into success, © 2010, by McKay, Dean (Ed.); Abramowitz, Jonathan S. (Ed.); Taylor, Steven (Ed.). 1-4338-0472-7

3. Competency-based education for professional psychology, © 2010, by Kenkel, Mary Beth (Ed.); Peterson, Roger L. (Ed.). 1-4338-0458-1

4. Impulsivity: The behavioral and neurological science of discounting, © 2010, by Madden, Gregory J. (Ed.); Bickel, Warren K. (Ed.). 1-4338-0477-8

5. The psychoneuroimmunology of chronic disease: Exploring the links between inflammation, stress, and illness, © 2010, by, Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen (Ed.). 1-4338-0476X

6. Risk assessment for domestically violent men: Tools for criminal justice, offender intervention, and victim services, © 2010, by Hilton, N. Zoe; Harris, Grant T.; Rice, Marnie E. 1-4338-0466-2

7. Substance abuse and emotion, © 2010, by Kassel, Jon D. (Ed.). 1-4338-0534-0

8. Undergraduate education in psychology: A blueprint for the future of the discipline, © 2010, by Halpern, Diane F. (Ed.). 1-4338-0545-6

Classic Books

9-10. Brief outline of an analysis of the human intellect; intended to rectify the scholastic and vulgar perversions of the natural purpose, and method of thinking; by rejecting altogether the theoretic confusion, the unmeaning arrangement, and indefinite nomenclature of the metaphysician (Vol. 1 & 2), © 1865, by Rush, James

11. An examination of Mr. J. S. Mill’s philosophy; being a defence of fundamental truth, © 1866, by M’Cosh, James

12. An examination of Sir William Hamilton’s philosophy and of the principal philosophical questions discussed in his writings (3rd ed.), © 1867, by Mill, John Stuart

13. Force and matter: Empirico-philosophical studies, intelligibly rendered (4th ed.), © 1864, by Büchner, Louis; Collingwood, J. Frederick (Ed.)

14. The freedom of the will, as a basis of human responsibility and a divine government, elucidated and maintained in its issue with the necessitarian theories of Hobbes, Edwards, the Princeton essayists, and other leading advocates, © 1864, by Whedon, D. D.

15. History of rationalism; embracing a survey of the present state of Protestant theology, © 1865, by Hurst, John F.

16. Illustrations of universal progress: A series of discussions, © 1875, by Spencer, Herbert

17. Lectures on logic (Vol. 2, 2nd ed. rev.), © 1866, by Hamilton, William; Mansel, H. L. (Ed.); Veitch, John (Ed.)

18. Lectures on metaphysics and logic (Vol. 3), © 1866, by Hamilton, William; Mansel, H. L. (Ed); Veitch, John (Ed.)

19. Life and death in rebel prisons: Giving a complete history of the inhuman and barbarous treatment of our brave soldiers by rebel authorities, inflicting terrible suffering and frightful mortality, principally at Andersonville, GA., and Florence, S.C., describing plans of escape, arrival of prisoners, with numerous and varied incidents and anecdotes of prison life, © 1865, by Kellogg, Robert H.

20. Mental pathology and therapeutics (German, 2nd ed.), © 1867, by Griesinger, W.; Robertson, C. Lockhart (Trans.); Rutherford, James (Trans.)

21. Metaphysics, or the philosophy of consciousness, phenomenal and real (2nd ed.), © 1866, by Mansel, Henry Longueville

22. On the use and abuse of alcoholic liquors, in health and disease, © 1866, by Carpenter, William B.

23. The physiology and pathology of the mind, © 1867, by Maudsley, Henry

24. The problem of human destiny; or, The end of providence in the world and man, © 1864, by Dewey, Orville

25. Stimulants and narcotics: Their mutual relations; with special researches on the action of alcohol, aether, and chloroform on the vital organism, © 1865, by Anstie, Francis E.

26. Theory of legislation (French, Etienne Dumont), © 1864, by Bentham, Jeremy; Hildreth, R. (Trans.)

27. The works of Epictetus; Consisting of his discourses in four books, The enchiridion, and fragments, © 1865, by Carter, Elizabeth (Trans.); Higginson, Thomas Wentworth (Trans.)

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