January 14th, 2011

RefWorks Webinars this Quarter!

Want to learn more about RefWorks, a free web based software that will help you store, organize and create reference lists from your Library research? Check out our RefWorks Webinars for this quarter (many are offered on evenings and weekends).

These Webinars will show you how to:

  • Sign-up for a free RefWorks account
  • Store and organize research
  • Create reference lists

They are one hour long. An investment of an hour, especially early in your degree program at Capella, will help you create an organizational system that will save you many hours in the long run.

Any questions on RefWorks or RefWorks Webinars? Ask-a-Librarian!



Comment from Tracy Carr Marcel
Time October 23, 2010 at 2:02 pm

I am having trouble initiating the Refworks feature. I signed up for this a while ago, however, truly want to start using it as soon as possible. I read the step by step instructions, but cannot make sense of it. Any instruction that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Comment from Sharron Hightower
Time October 25, 2010 at 3:26 pm

I recently attended the Atlanta colloquia
and wanted to site the colloquia blooklet as a referece as well as some of my awesome instructors.

Comment from Reference Librarian
Time October 27, 2010 at 5:11 pm

Hi Tracy and Sharon,

I would recommend that you sign up for our webinar this weekend. There, you can see the process step by step:

Otherwise, you may want to watch the multimedia piece on the right side of our RefWorks information page: https://campus.capella.edu/web/library/articles-books-more/refworks

Unfortunately, we are not APA experts. I would recommend consulting your APA manual’s index for “unpublished documents” and “personal interviews.”

Feel free to contact the library directly with any questions.


Reference Librarian

Comment from Willie King
Time October 27, 2010 at 5:22 pm

I think I have signed for this last month; however, I will ensure I am signed up. This is a great tool, among the many programs of information designed to help the learners. Sometimes it feels overwhelming because of so much information, the time limits, however during the dissertation phrase, this will be a very invaluable instructment. I also attended the Colloquial in ATL this past week where we were introducted to RefWorks.

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