May 9th, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Computer

Many people know that there are certain shortcuts you can use on your keyboard to make your computing life just a little bit easier, but not everyone knows all of them. Here is a sampling of some of the most commonly needed and/or used.

Please note that most of these shortcuts work on PCs by pressing down the control <Ctrl> key at the same time as you press another key. If you have a Mac, try using the command key in place of the control key:

<Ctrl> + : Magnifies your screen when you’re on most web pages. Keep holding down the <ctrl> key and hit the + key however many times you need.

<Ctrl> – : Shrinks web page size back down.

<Ctrl> F: Find. Allows you to search a website or document for a particular word or phrase.

<Ctrl> P: Print. Brings up the dialog box for your default printer. Especially useful if you pull up a document that doesn’t have an obvious print icon.

<Ctrl> C: Copy. Highlight the text you want to copy with your mouse, first.

<Ctrl> X: Cut. Highlight the text you want to cut with your mouse, first.

<Ctrl> V: Paste.

<Ctrl> Z: Undo. This is one of my favorites, for those times I hit a wrong key and I’m not sure exactly what went wrong!

Loving the shortcuts? Here’s a Microsoft Support page with more: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Here’s the Mac version: Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts


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