May 18th, 2011

A New Interface for Ulrichsweb

The new Ulrichsweb interface, featuring an updated color scheme and new functionality, is now available on both the Library site and the Alumni Library site.

New Features

  • Set browser display language
  • Narrow search results using filters
  • Customize column views
  • Create a My Ulrichs account to save title lists and create alerts
  • Download records in a variety of formats

Unlike the old platform where the refereed (peer reviewed) symbol was visible on the results list, the new platform doesn’t include that symbol in the default view. You can, however, add that symbol to your view by following these steps on the results page: 1) click Select Columns 2) check the box next to the refereed symbol 3) click Submit.

Screenshot showing how to add the peer reviewed symbol to results list
(Click image to enlarge)

The refereed (peer reviewed) status is visible after clicking the title link for full record view.

Screenshot showing peer reviewed status in complete record view
(Click image to enlarge)


To learn more about Ulrichsweb watch these two 7 minute tutorials. Please note you do not need to login to Ulrichsweb to use this database.

Search and Results
How to search and work with results in the enhanced Ulrichsweb service.
Video Files: WMV or MP4

Workspace and Ulrich’s Updates
How to use the Workspace and Updates features in the enhanced Ulrichsweb service.
Video Files: WMV or MP4


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