May 25th, 2011

New PsycBOOKS Added – April 2011

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in April 2011. Of the titles added, 4 were APA books and 20 were designated Classic Books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Clinical hypnosis for pain control, © 2010, by Patterson, David R. ISBN: 1-4338-0768-8

2. Emotions, aggression, and morality in children: Bridging development and psychopathology, © 2010, by Arsenio, William F.; Lemerise, Elizabeth A. (Eds.). ISBN: 1-4338-0764-5

3. Evidence-based treatment of personality dysfunction: Principles, methods, and processes, © 2010, by Magnavita, Jeffrey J. (Ed). ISBN: 1-4338-0747-5

4. Grief in childhood: Fundamentals of treatment in clinical practice, © 2010, by Pearlman, Michelle Y.; Schwalbe, Karen D’Angelo; Cloitre, Marylène. ISBN: 1-4338-0752-1

Classic Books

5. An Arctic boat journey, in the autumn of 1854 (new ed., enlarged and illustrated), © 1867, by Hayes, Isaac I.

6. Average evoked potentials: Methods, results, and evaluations), © 1969, by Donchin, Emanuel; Lindsley, Donald B. (Eds.) 7.The consolation of philosophy of Boethius, © 1897, by Boethius; James, H. R. (Trans.)

8. The emotions and the will (3rd ed.), © 1887, by Bain, Alexander

9. First principles (American ed.), © 1880, by Spencer, Herbert

10. The first three years of childhood, © 1885, by Perez, Bernard; Christie, Alice M. (Trans.)

11. History of the rise and influence of the spirit of rationalism in Europe, Vol. 2 (rev. ed.), © 1884, by Lecky, W. E. H.

12. On the nature of inhibition, and the action of drugs upon it (reprinted from “Nature”), © No Year Specified, by Brunton, T. Lauder

13. Personality: The beginning and end of metaphysics and a necessary assumption in all positive philosophy, © 1879, by Momerie, Alfred Williams

14. Philosophy of theism, © 1887, by Bowne, Borden P.

15. Physical expression: Its modes and principles, © 1885, by Warner, Francis

16. Principles of mental physiology with their applications to the training and discipline of the mind and the study of its morbid conditions (4th ed.), © 1873, by Carpenter, William B.

17. The principles of psychology, Vol. II-2, © 1897, by Spencer, Herbert

18. The psychology of childhood (3rd ed.), © 1896, by Tracy, Frederick

19. The relations of mind and brain (3rd ed.), © 1892, by Calderwood, Henry

20. Self-culture: Physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual: A course of lectures (8th ed.), © 1880, by Clarke, James Freeman

21. Studies in the evolutionary psychology of feeling, © 1895, by Stanley, Hiram M.

22. Supplement to Epitome of the synthetic philosophy (concluding the principles of “ethics”), © 1894, by Collins, F. Howard

23. The system of mental philosophy (4th ed.), © 1882, by Mahan, Asa

24. The theistic argument, as affected by recent theories: A course of lectures delivered at the Lowell Institute in Boston, © 1881, by Diman, J. Lewis

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Library’s Databases A-Z page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the book title.



Comment from Thomas Retterbush
Time June 1, 2011 at 4:03 am

I am so happy that you have made this available in PDF form! Many students are forced to carry around far too many books already, that it is refreshing to be able to lighten the load, being able to carry some books in digital format.

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