July 14th, 2011

New PsycBOOKS Added – May 2011

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in May 2011. Of the titles added, 5 were APA books and 271 were designated Classic Books. Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Bringing psychotherapy research to life: Understanding change through the work of leading clinicalCover image of book: Brining Psychotherapy Research to Life researchers, © 2010, by Louis G., Castonguay (Ed.); J. Christopher, Muran (Ed.); Lynne, Angus (Ed.); Jeffrey A., Hayes (Ed.); Nicholas, Ladany (Ed.); Timothy, Anderson (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0774-2

2. Earning a living outside of managed mental health care: 50 ways to expand your practice, © 2010, by Steven, Walfish (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0809-9

3. Elusive alliance: Treatment engagement strategies with high-risk adolescents, © 2010, by David, Castro-Blanco (Ed.); Marc S., Karver (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0811-0

4. Individual pathways of change: Statistical models for analyzing learning and development, © 2010, by Peter C. M., Molenaar (Ed.); Karl M., Newell (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0772-6

5. Prevention of treatment failure: The use of measuring, monitoring, and feedback in clinical practice, © 2010, by Michael J., Lambert. ISBN: 1-4338-0782-3

Classic Books

(NOTE: Only the first 25 of the 271 classic books added to PsycBOOKS in May 2011 are displayed below. For a full list of books added, please email Librarian@capella.edu.)

6. Advice to a wife on the management of her own health and on the treatment of some of the complaints incidental to pregnancy, labour, and suckling, with an introductory chapter especially addressed to a young wife, © 1878, by Chavasse, Pye Henry

7. American comments on European questions, international and religious, © 1884, by Thompson, Joseph P.

8. The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature, © 1878, by Butler, Joseph

9-10. Analytic psychology, in two volumes (Vol. 1 & 2), © 1896, by Stout, G. F.

11. Anatomy and physiology in character: An inquiry into the anatomical conformation and the physiology of some of its varieties; with a chapter on physiology in human affairs—in education, vocation, morals, and progress, © 1886, by Jordan, Furneaux

Cover image of book: Prevention of Treatment Failure12. The anatomy of melancholy, what it is, with all the kinds, causes, symptoms, prognostics, and several cures of it: Vol. 2 (new ed. corrected and enriched.), © 1632, by Burton, Robert; Junior, Democritus

13. Animal life and intelligence, © 1891, by Morgan, C. Lloyd

14. Anthropology: An introduction to the study of man and civilization, © 1896, by Tylor, Edward B.

15. Apparitions and thought-transference: An examination of the evidence for telepathy, © 1894, by Podmore, Frank

16. Appearance and reality: a metaphysical essay, © 1893, by Bradley, F. H.

17. The ascent of man, © 1894, by Drummond, Henry

18. Assimilative memory, or How to attend and never forget, © 1896, by Loisette, A.

19. Atheism in philosophy, and other essays, © 1884, by Hedge, Frederic Henry

20. Autobiography: Intellectual, moral, and spiritual, © 1882, by Mahan, Asa

21. Body and will, being an essay concerning will in its metaphysical, physiological, and pathological aspects, © 1884, by Maudsley, Henry

22. The brain and its functions, © 1882, by Luys, J.

23. The brain as an organ of mind, © 1896, by Bastian, H. Charlton

24. British thought and thinkers: Introductory studies, critical, biographical and philosophical, © 1880, by Morris, George S.

25. The care of children in sickness and in health, popular edition for America (the only authorized and original ed.), © 1897, by Kneipp, Sebastian

26. Causation and freedom in willing, together with man: A creative first cause, and kindred papers, © 1889, by Hazard, Rowland Gibson; Hazard, Caroline (Ed.)

27. Clinical lectures on mental diseases, © 1884, by Clouston, T. S.

28. Colour vision, being the Tyndall lectures delivered in 1894 at the Royal Institution, © 1895, by Abney, W. de W.

29. Communism and socialism in their history and theory: A sketch, © 1880, by Woolsey, Theodore D.

30. Comparative physiology and psychology: A discussion of the evolution and relation of the mind and body of man and animals, © 1885, by Clevenger, S. V.


Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Library’s Databases A-Z page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the book title.



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