August 15th, 2011

New PsycBOOKS Added – June 2011

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in June 2011. Of the titles added, 2 were APA books and 50 were designated Classic Books.

Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Pharmacotherapy for psychologists: Prescribing and collaborative roles, ©2010, by Groos, Karl; Baldwin, Elizabeth L. (Trans.). 2010 ISBN: 1-4338-0800-5

2. The psychology of courage: Modern research on an ancient virtue, © 2010, by Seashore, Carl Emil. ISBN: 1-4338-0807-2

Classic Books

3. Analytic psychology (Vol 1, 4th ed.), © 1918, by Stout, G. F.

4. Analyzing character: The new science of judging men; misfits in business, the home, and social life (8th ed.), © 1916, by Blackford, Katherine M. H.; Newcomb, Arthur

5. Animal intelligence, © 1912, by Romanes, George J.

6. Applied psychology: Technique of success, © 1914 (no author)

7. Attention, © 1908, by Pillsbury, W. B.

8. Body and mind: A history and a defense of animism (3rd ed.), © 1915, by McDougall, William

9. Contributions to the study of lower organisms, © 1904, by Jennings, Herbert S.

10. Educational psychology, Vol. 2: The psychology of learning, © 1913, by Thorndike, Edward L.

11. Elements of folk psychology: Outlines of a psychological history of the development of mankind, © 1916, by Wundt, Wilhelm; Schaub, Edward Leroy (Trans.)

12. An essay on laughter: Its forms, its causes, its development, and its value, © 1902, by Sully, James

13-14. The eugenic marriage: A personal guide to the new science of better living and better babies, in four volumes, Vol. 2 & 4, © 1914, by Hague, W. Grant

15. Fewer and better babies, or The limitation of offspring by the prevention of conception: The enormous benefits of the practice to the individual, society and the race pointed out and all objections answered (10th ed.), © 1916, by Robinson, William J.

16. Forced movements, tropisms, and animal conduct, © 1918, by Loeb, Jacques

17. G. Stanley Hall: A sketch, © 1914, by Wilson, Louis N.

18. Genetic psychology: An introduction to an objective and genetic view of intelligence, © 1909, by Kirkpatrick, Edwin A.

19. History of civilization in England, Vol. 1 (2nd London ed.), © 1920, by Buckle, Henry Thomas

20. How to choose the right vocation: Vocational self-measurement based upon natural abilities (5th ed.), © 1917, by Merton, Holmes W.

21. Hypnotism in mental and moral culture, © 1901, by Quackenbos, John Duncan

22. Instincts of the herd in peace and war, © 1909, by Trotter, W.

23. An introduction to social psychology (14th ed.), © 1921, by McDougall, William

24. Investigations representing the departments: Part 1, Systematic theology, church history, practical theology; Part 2, Philosophy, education, © 1903 (no author)

25. Language: An introduction to the study of speech, © 1921, by Sapir, Edward

26. Memory: Lectures on the specific energies of the nervous system (4th ed., enlarged), © 1913, by Hering, Ewald

27. The mental man: An outline of the fundamentals of psychology, © 1909, by Wenzlaff, Gustav Gottlieb

28. Montessori method: Scientific pedagogy as applied child education in The Children’s Houses, © 1912, by Montessori, Maria; George, Anne E. (Trans)

29. Old-time makers of medicine: The story of the students and teachers of the sciences related to medicine during the Middle Ages, © 1911, by Dunlap, Knight

30. An outline of psychobiology, © 1914, by Robert E., McGrath (Ed.); Bret A., Moore (Ed.)

31. The play of man, © 1901, by Beery, Ray C.

32. Practical child training, Book 1: Easy lessons for teaching obedience in the home, © 1918, by Beery, Ray C.

33. Practical child training, Book 3: Easy lessons for developing body and mind, © 1918, by Beery, Ray C.

34. Practical child training, Book 4: Easy lessons for teaching morality, © 1918, by Beery, Ray C.

35. Practical child training, part 1: Easy lessons for teaching obedience in the home, © 1918, by Bradley, F. H.

36. The principles of logic, Vol. 2 (2nd rev. ed.), with commentary and terminal essays, © 1922, by Dubois, Paul; Jelliffe, Smith Ely (Trans); White, William A. (Trans.)

37. The psychic treatment of nervous disorders: The psychoneuroses and their moral treatment, © 1905, by Richards, Edward G. (Trans.); DuBois, Paul

38. The psychological origin of mental disorders, © 1913, by Cameron, Edward Herbert

39. Psychology and the school, © 1922, by Cynthia L. S., Pury (Ed.); Shane J., Lopez (Ed.)

40. The psychology of musical talent, © 1919, by Hollingworth, Leta S.

41. The psychology of subnormal children, © 1920, by Ribot, Th.

42. The psychology of the emotions (2nd ed.), © 1911, by Todd, John Welhoff

43. Reaction to multiple stimuli, © 1912, by Worcester, Elwood; McComb, Samuel; Coriat, Isador H.

44. Religion and medicine: The moral control of nervous disorders, © 1908, by Jung, C. G. (Ed.); Eder, M. D. (Trans.)

45. Studies in word association: Experiments in the diagnosis of psychopathological conditions carried out at the psychiatric clinic of the University of Zurich, © 1919, by Sharp, Frank Chapman

46. A study of the influence of custom on the moral judgment, © 1908, by Thomson, J. Arthur

47. The system of animate nature: The Gifford lectures delivered in the University of St. Andrews in the years 1915 and 1916, Vol. 1, © 1920, by Hickok, Laurens P.; Seelye, Julius H.

48. A system of moral science (rev. ed.), © 1901, by Sully, James

49. The teacher’s handbook of psychology (new 5th ed. re-written and enlarged), © 1910, by Myers, Charles S.

50. A text-book of experimental psychology, with laboratory exercises, Part 2: Laboratory exercises (2nd ed.), © 1911, by Putnam, Daniel

51. A text-book of psychology for secondary schools, © 1961, by Luckiesch, M.

52. Visual illusions: Their causes, characteristics and applications, © 1922 (no author)

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