October 14th, 2011

Capella eMail and Interlibrary Loan

When you fill out an Interlibrary Loan request form for the library, your articles are sent to you via your Capella email account, so it’s important that you understand how it works. We have received questions from learners who have ordered multiple articles and have seen the first one, but don’t understand where they should be looking to see if the others have arrived.

Unlike most email systems, your Capella email groups all messages that have the same subject heading with the original email, which results in a single conversation or thread. The service that delivers your articles always uses the same subject heading, so all your received interlibrary loan articles will appear on the same, single line. When you are looking at your inbox in your Capella email, you will see that conversations have a number in parentheses next to the subject line, which tells you how many emails have been sent under this same subject:

Threaded discussion subject line in inbox


To get to a single message in a conversation, click on the conversation from your inbox. The messages will be stacked on each other, with the most recent email on top and already open. The older emails will only show the name of the sender and the first line of the email. To open all the messages in a conversation at once, click the “Expand all” button at the top right:

Open a threaded discussion

If you change the subject of the thread, or if it gets to 100 emails, a new conversation will start.

If you would prefer, you can change the setting so that each email appears individually in your inbox instead of showing grouped conversations. Simply click on the General tab in your university email, and select the radio button next to ‘Conversation view off’.

Happy emailing!



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