October 18th, 2011

Advice from a Graduate: 3 Courseroom Tips for Weeks 1-3

I recently graduated from a Capella program (yay!) The other Librarians recommended that I share some of my strategies for success, so I’ve started this “Librarian-Learner” series.

Let me tell you: it was tough-going at times, but planning ahead really helped me persist.

Time management plan evaluation steps

I know that getting back into the game after quarter break can be a little slow-going. However, I found that if I didn’t take time to do some extra planning in Weeks 1-3, I ended up playing catch up all quarter.

Here are my Top Three Tips for Week 1-3:

  1. Map out your deadlines. Right after I signed my Faculty Expectations acknowledgment, I would always print the Faculty Expectations and cross-reference them with the course readings and my personal calendar. Mapping out an action plan with the course milestones helped me set a good tempo.
  2. Use Time Management tools while the workload is still light. In Weeks 1-3, the assignments are often small, comparatively. I would devote my extra time to using the Library’s Organizational Tools or Capella’s Time Management website. I’ll talk more about my favorite organizational tools here next week.
  3. Browse through your course readings. You probably know that you can get the full list of your course readings under Syllabus inside your courseroom. I liked to copy these into a Word document. (Note that the readings references have perfect APA style in that list.) I kept this list handy at my desk or on my Desktop, in case I needed to track down Optional readings or there was an article from Week 8 that might be perfect for Week 4 paper, for instance. Looking at the page numbers also gave me a sense of how big the readings would be and how much study time to reserve for upcoming weeks.

I’ll share several options for saving course readings and library articles within the next few weeks. Check back! We always have great tips here. 🙂

– Erika

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