October 21st, 2011

New PsycBOOKS Added – September 2011

PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in June 2011. Of the titles added, 4 were APA books and 79 were designated Classic Books.

Classic books are landmark titles in psychology and are selected by APA experts.

APA Books

1. Developing self in work and career: Concepts, cases, and context, © 2010, by Hartung, Paul J. (Ed.); Subich, Linda M. (Ed.). ISBN: 1-4338-0861-7

2. The real relationship in psychotherapy: The hidden foundation of change, © 2010, by Gelso, Charles J. ISBN:1-4338-0867-6

3. Secondary data analysis: An introduction for psychologists, © 2010, by Trzesniewski, Kali H. (Ed.);Book cover image: Developing Self in Work and Career Donnellan, M. Brent (Ed.); Lucas, Richard E. (Ed.). ISBN:1-4338-0876-5

4. Social pain: Neuropsychological and health implications of loss and exclusion, © 2010, by MacDonald, Geoff (Ed.); Jensen-Campbell Lauri A. (Ed.). ISBN:1-4338-0874-9

Classic Books

5. Abnormal psychology: “When the other-one astonishes us,” © 1927, by Meyer, Max F.

6. The anatomy of personality, © 1954, by Adams, Donald K.

7. The animal mind: A text-book of comparative psychology (3rd ed.), © 1926, by Washburn, Margaret Floy

8. The bearing of psychology upon religion, © 1927, by Elliott, Harrison Sackett

9. The child: His nature and his needs: A survey of present-day knowledge concerning the child nature and the promotion of the well-being and education of the young, © 1924, by O’Shea, M. V. (Ed.)

10. Culture and personality, © 1961, by Wallace, Anthony F. C.; Fried, Morton H. (Ed.); Harris, Marvin (Ed.)

11. Degeneration (7th ed.), © 1895, by Nordau, Max

12. Education as the psychologist sees it, © 1925, by Pillsbury, W. B.

13. Education of the will: In the light of modern research (Dissertation), © 1927, by Kuntz, Leo F.

14. Educational psychology (rev. ed.), © 1927, by Starch, Daniel

15. Elements of knowledge, © 1881, by Biddle, Horace P.

16. Emotions of normal people, © 1928, by Marston, William Moulton

17. Evolution and genetics (2nd ed.), © 1925, by Morgan, Thomas Hunt

Book cover image: Social Pain18. Experience and nature, © 1929, by Dewey, John

19. The field of psychology: A survey of experience: Individual, social, and genetic, © 1924, by Bentley, Madison

20. The fundamentals of human motivation, © 1928, by Troland, Leonard T.

21. Fundamentals of social psychology, © 1952, by Hartley, Eugene L.; Hartley, Ruth E.

22. General introduction to psychology: A survey of the programs of psychology (rev. ed.), © 1928, by Griffith, Coleman R.

23. The growth of the mind: An introduction to child-psychology, © 1925, by Koffka, Kurt; Ogden, Robert Morris (Trans.)

24. Hereditary genius: An inquiry into its laws and consequences, © 1869, by Galton, Francis

25. The history and prospects of the social sciences, © 1925, by Barnes, Harry Elmer (Ed.); Bigelow, Karl Worth; Brunhes, Jean; Givler, Robert Chenault; Goldenweiser, Alexander; Hankins, Frank Hamilton; Parshley, Howard Madison; Pound, Roscoe; Shepard, Walter James; Young, Kimball

26. How to do research work: A manual of research procedure presenting a simple explanation of the principles underlying research methods, © 1926, by Schluter, W. C.

27. Human behavior: A first book in psychology for teachers (2nd ed. rev.), © 1930, by Colvin, Stephen S.; Bagley, William C.; MacDonald, Marion E. (Col.)

28. Human neuroanatomy (2nd ed.), © 1948, by Strong, Oliver S.; Elwyn, Adolph

29. Hypnosis and you, © 1956, by Tawney, Howard D.; Benson, Ben

30. Individual development, © 1955, by Frank, Lawrence K.

31. The influence of nurture upon native differences, © 1926, by Kelley, Truman Lee

32. Intelligence tests: Their significance for school and society, © 1928, by Dearborn, Walter Fenno

33. An introduction to physical anthropology (3rd ed.), © 1960, by Montagu, M. F. Ashley

34. Mental evolution in man: Origin of human faculty, © 1888, by Romanes, George John

35. Mental tests in clinical practice, © 1927, by Wells, F. L.

…. For a full list of all 79 classic books that were published to PsycBOOKS in September, please email Jennie Simning at Librarian@capella.edu.

Note: To read any of the these ebooks – go to the Library’s Databases A-Z page. Scroll down and click PsycBOOKs. Once in the database, type in the book title.


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