November 2nd, 2011

Finding Articles by Type

image of microscopeHave you ever been stumped when you receive an assignment that tells you to find a specific type of article, for instance, “two quantitative research articles– 1 using an experimental approach, 1 using a quasi-experimental approach”? Where do you start? For tips about finding articles by type or by methodology, these library guides can help:

  • Finding Articles by Type: Tips for finding experimental, non-experimental, quasi-experimental, and other types of articles.
  • Search by Methodology: Tips for finding articles that use quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodologies.

The Library Guides home page can also lead you to guides and tutorials that can aid you in finding resources for your program, conducting research in specific databases, and more!

The library guides are great, but if you sitll have research or library-related questions, contact us!


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