November 14th, 2011

Searching for Assignment-Specific Library Guides

The Capella Library Guides home page not only provides you with links to important information that can help you with refining a topic, searching the library, and organizing your information; you can also use the search box on the front page to search for specific guides. This is especially useful if you want to see if there are course- or assignment-specific guides for the exact assignment you need help with today. Usually these guides will be linked in your courseroom, but if you are not in the courseroom, there’s an easy way to see if there is a guide for you.

1. From the Library home page, go to the right column and click the link, Go to Library Guides.

2. Once on the library guide page, type your course number into the search box(e.g., PSY7110). You can also search by keyword (e.g., non-western). An important thing to remember is this is one case where you will most likely want to search using only one word to start with:

Search for "non-western" in library guides

3. If there is a guide for your course, it should show up in the results. Click on the guide name to see the entire guide, or click on a specific page link to go directly to the page in the guide that you want:

Result for library guide search

Happy hunting!



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